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Celebrating a Non-Religious Christmas.

Those who know me, know how into Christmas I get. I adore Christmas. I live Christmas. I believe in the Christmas spirit throughout the year. I am completely open to many different religions. I love learning about different religions even though I am not religious myself. If you are religious, good for you. I do not look down upon you for that. However, many times, especially during the holidays, I feel as though those of us who are not religious get a ton of flack. Why is that okay to do, but it’s not okay to do the same for Christians, for instance?

As soon as December hits, I see posts daily on social media websites about keeping Christ in Christmas. I will not get into that much, but I will say — what about my family & I who celebrate a secular holiday? Are we not allowed to enjoy everything good that Christmas has to offer? Because for me — when you take the religion out of the equation — doesn’t it just come down to love? Spending time with your family. The holiday spirit? The atmosphere? When I see my daughters face light up when she sees Ho Ho. Or the immense love I feel when we are just sitting at the counter, baking goodies. Dancing around our living room to a variety of Christmas songs.

Keep that in mind, just because we don’t all celebrate the same way you do, does not mean we are any less. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Wiccan, Hindu.. celebrate love. Enlighten yourself, arm yourself with knowledge. Be happy with who you are, but try better. Try & open your mind a bit — because there are vast differences in each & every one of us. Embrace the differences.

Whether you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays — thank you for wishing my family & I a joyous occasion. Most of us are just being polite when we say that. We aren’t taking a dig at getting rid of your religion by saying Happy Holidays. To me, Happy Holidays is a broader spectrum. Because — there are so many different religions & cultures in our world.


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I Won’t Give Up.

I constantly say how amazing having a baby is. I would never have understood it until I did it. It changes you in a lot of ways. I didn’t realize I could love someone as much as I love M.. until we had A. They occupy equal parts of my heart. My heart is so full with love. So full. They are my heart. My soul. It really is a spectacular thing – parenthood. Watching her learn something new everyday. Seeing the world all around her. It is beautiful – she is beautiful.

But.. and there is a but. Having a child is tough as well. It’s not all roses and butterflies. I try to keep that in prospective – through the tough times, it doesn’t last long. I realize that she is only going to be at a certain stage for such a short time in her life. I enjoy it all – the sleepless nights, the poop.. the smiles. Oh the smiles! Watching her grow. Her character, even though she is not yet 7 months old, she has SO much character.

My days used to be filled with paying out Mortgages, talking to lawyers, going to work. Now they are filled with this tiny little human who encloses my entire day into her little fist. It’s filled with nursing her, changing her diaper, pumping, dressing her, preparing her solids, feeding her solids, cleaning up, doing laundry, playing with her, reading to her. I was saying to M the other day how I used to have what seemed like so much free time before having our Little One. Now? What free time?! Free time does not exist. I try and make a point of either watching some tv or reading once a day while she is down for a nap. Sometimes I find myself cleaning instead of taking time out for myself. I really believe that we as Mother’s need some alone time. Some time to focus on ourselves. Even if it is just 15 minutes out of the day. Easier said than done, I know! We also need to find the time to focus on our partners. M and I have been through so much together. A long distance relationship. Being broke. Death. Family issues. Dating at a young age. Moving across the country together. Getting in what could have been a serious car accident. Getting married. Having a baby. All of these things have made us stronger.. have brought us even closer together. But it is much more difficult to just.. sit and talk for a few minutes with him now that we have A. She does occupy so much of our time, and that is fine. We will get through it. But it is a change for us, one that we will embrace and work on. We still go out and do things, but now we have a little person that tags along! I love this little family of mine entirely, completely, absolutely. And M? He was, is and always will be.. my best friend.

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Daddy’s Day

This weekend we celebrate M’s first official Father’s Day. Last year we were pregnant with A and now? Now our gorgeous girl is here and we get to celebrate with her!

The role of “Father” seems to have grown compared to previous eras. Dad’s these day take on more of the parenting duties. Or.. they should. More Dad’s seem to be taking part in the child’s life. I find especially that Father’s in or around my generation are playing a bigger role in raising children. And M is no exception. He takes on many parenting duties. When he gets home from work he will take A from me so I can run to the bathroom, get Supper ready, have a shower. Our arrangement seems to be that he changes her night diapers since I nurse her. He enjoys bath time in the evening with her, just as much as I do. We lay in bed at night and read a book to A.. together. He is as proud as can be pushing that stroller around in the grocery store, mall, on the sidewalk.. she is his daughter and he wears that like a badge of honour. As he should!

My husband is amazing. I try and tell him on a daily basis what a fantastic Father he is – not just on one particular day. When I asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day, he eloquently said “Beer. And a nap.” Well then.. easy enough, no? M doesn’t ask for much and when he does he knows I can’t ever say no to him (except a PS3 years ago.. and I was right, wasn’t I dear ol’ hubby?!) I always try and get him a mixture of something unique, something practical and something fun for his gifts. His birthday wasn’t long ago and he received a shirt, a pair of pants, whiskey and whiskey rocks (awesome little invention!) He did not want to go anywhere fancy for Supper, rather – he wanted to BBQ at home. And he wanted to man the grill himself. Sounds good to me!

One of the man’s Father’s Day gifts I got him. Dorky? Of course! Awesome? Yes! He loved it. So much cooler than one of those typical stick figure family decals!

We began dating when I was just 15; he was 16. I never wanted to get married, didn’t want children. I wanted to move out as soon as I could and get the hell out of my small town and travel the world. I wanted to disappear and get away from it all. M grounded me so much. He was the complete opposite in ways from me.. but at the same time, so similar. We have been through so much in our lives and have only grown stronger in our relationship. We were together for 10 years experiencing life together, forming our identities individually and as a couple, growing even more in love.. then we got married and now we have a little one of our own. I really think this will help in us raising A. We know each other SO well and have such an immense, all-encompassing love and respect for each other. He really is the best partner I could ever ask for. We are so thankful to have him in our lives. He has always been there for me through everything. He is just so thoroughly sweet.

He changed every single diaper while in the hospital since I was laid up in bed. The nurses were amazed by him! I wasn’t, because I knew that was how he was and how lucky I am to have him. I love him even more, which I did not think was possible! It feels like she has always been carved in our little family and was just meant to be and like she has always been around. She really does complete our little family.

One of my absolute favourite articles written about Fathers and Daughters: It is such a great read and couldn’t be more true. Especially the first one listed – Love Her Mom. By A seeing how well her Daddy treats her Mama, it will give her that confidence to seek out a love like ours. Filled with love, respect, compassion, trust. She will have such a strong male role-model to look up to. He is what a real man should be. He is not only the main provider for our family, but he is emotionally there for us.

I love you, my gamer/nerdy/loving/sweet/funny husband. You are the greatest man I could have ever procreated with! ♥

Maybe I will let him have that nap, after all!

Our attempt at making a Daddy sign to surprise M with. Needless to say, she was more interested in shoving the sign in her mouth and tearing the paper off!

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