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Currently. Obsessed.


I am in love with this band. I am so pumped about the new album release in a few days. They are extremely underrated, in my opinion. I highly recommend you check them out. Brian Fallon has a stunningly beautiful voice.. gah! ♥



The second novel in the series. I stumbled upon Across The Universe on my Kobo last year and began reading it around the time I found out I was pregnant. I am a sci-fi nerd, I love novels that are made into series and currently obsessed with anything Dystopian, so this fits all the columns. It may take me awhile though, with this gorgeous weather and a 7.5 month old who occupies most of my time!



The final season of Weeds. It has definitely gone downhill the past few seasons, but it’s still a lot more decent than half the stuff on television these days! Plus, I love Andy! haha



BBQ! It’s been such beautiful BBQ weather. I am the seasoning Queen and the man is the grill King, fo’ sho’!



Smoothies, especially with this warm weather – and being sick!



To feel healthy again! It has been so long, so long, since I’ve been this sick. And the little human is still sick too. I feel so terrible for her, since she doesn’t know what is going on with this damn cold!



A massage. My body is riddled with aches and pains with this cold/flu. What a mess!



According to the Weather Network, it is 17 degrees Celsius and partly cloudy. The high is supposed to get up to 23 degrees and we are supposed to get thunder showers tonight. It has been so humid here the past few weeks, this is welcome weather! It would be nice to get an awesome thunder storm too, since we haven’t really had one yet this season!



Fun, bright Summer colors!



Watching my baby girl grow and learn new things almost daily. When we took her to the Pediatrician on Tuesday, he told us what a beautiful, smart, healthy girl we have and to continue doing what we are doing, because it’s obviously working. I never need validation from other people.. but damn did that feel good to hear! From a Pediatrician, no less!



Being sick. My immune system has been so great the past few years, after having a terrible one. Now? I feel like shite! Absolute shite. Unfortunately, as a Mother, we do not get sick days. Thankfully, the man has been extremely supportive and when he gets home from work, he takes care of Ava even more than he already did (which is saying a lot! We are very much 50/50 when he gets home. That’s the way it should be!)



Hoping that we are all feeling better by tomorrow night, because we will be going to our first drive-in movie as a family! I will be able to cross off one of my 101 in 1001.



The Dark Knight Rises! Cannot, cannot wait to see it! We are hopefully going to make it out next weekend to watch it. Sure, we’ll be lame and go to a matinee, but that works out best for little A (MIL is gracious enough to watch her for us for a few hours while we go and geek out!) I am a comic book / superhero nerd, for sure! Batman is my ultimate!



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