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What’s Cookin’?

In the midst of a million and one things to do on my plate, I wanted something quick and simple for lunch. With not much in the fridge (tonight is grocery night), I went with an egg salad sandwich. Now, I rarely eat this. But there is something so comforting about a good egg salad. It reminds me of my grandmother and being young. I used to hate eggs but I loved her egg salad! I’ve toyed with many variations on the egg salad sandwich for years. It’s easy, we generally have the ingredients on hand and it’s tasty! I am not a fancy diner.. I prefer the simpler things in life! Much like my egg salad sandwich:

  • 3 Hard-boiled Eggs (makes enough for leftovers)
  • Shallots
  • Parsley flakes
  • Paprika
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Mayo
  • Old-Style Mustard
  • Bread

Simple ingredients

It is amazing how many people cannot cook a hard-boiled egg. You’d think it would be so simple! It’s not. I swear it took me forever to perfect. Here is what I do:


1. Put enough water in a pot to cover the eggs. Boil the eggs in a covered pot for a minute or two.

2. Take the pot off the heat and set aside, still covered.

3. Leave the eggs for 15 minutes. The boiling water will cook the eggs.

4. Dump out the warm water and cover the eggs with cold water. You can either leave the eggs sitting in the cold water, or keep the eggs under running, cold water.

5. Crack the eggs with a spoon or fork and then peel the eggs. Voilà! Works for me every time. None of that nasty gray/green outline around the yolk of the egg.


Pretty hard-boiled eggs!


Once the eggs are peeled, I mash them up with a fork in a bowl. Chop up some shallots and parsley (fresh or dried). Add some mayo – I used two tablespoons or so, more or less depending on how creamy you want it. Sprinkle in some paprika and salt and pepper to taste. Mix it all together.. it looks tasty, right?!


Oh, how I love Paprika!


Now, this is where my grandmother would probably differ and shake her head. I’m sure she would think I’m odd for adding this.. but I put some old-style mustard onto my bread. Just a little bit! You don’t want to overpower the taste buds (old-style can be so good, so good! But yet so horrible if the quantity is not right.) It gives just the right amount of kick. Some people add pickles, I add grainy mustard! I also use thick bread and toast it. I like that extra little crunch you get from the toast.




And to top it all off, you guys? I have a glass of Ginger Ale with my sandwich. Sounds odd, but it works! Something about the flavours meshing. And again, it could very well be the nostalgia of when I was younger and clinging to these tastes from my youth!

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Sunday Recipe – Deconstructed Chicken Pot Pie

de·con·struct (www.freedictionary.com)

tr.v. de·con·struct·ed, de·con·struct·ing, de·con·structs

1. To break down into components; dismantle.


I am no Martha Stewart, by any means. But I do love experimenting with recipes and adding my own twist to them. I used to cook all the time, then work became a priority and I found cooking to be more of a necessity, rather than an interest. You get tired after 8+ hours of work. I generally wanted to cook something quick and easy! I found that passion again once I became pregnant with the little human – especially now with the Pinterest craze. You can find pretty much anything on there! I have made quite a few recipes that were found on Pinterest, but of course I tweak them. I tweak everything!


Today I made something similar to this recipe: http://www.diabeticlivingonline.com/recipe/chicken/chicken-and-cornmeal-dumplings/. It has been rainy and dreary outside, so the BBQ wasn’t an option today. It felt like a comfort food kind of afternoon, so nothing says comfort cooking to me like the slow-cooker!


I call mine a deconstructed chicken pot pie, since there isn’t a “crust.” My recipe looks like this:

-1 potato

-1 celery stalk

-4 medium carrots

-1 can of corn

-1 sweet onion

-1 tablespoon corn starch

-2 cups of low-sodium chicken broth

-3 skinless, boneless chicken breasts

-1 package of Pillsbury Homestyle Biscuits



1. Add potato, carrots, corn, celery and onion to the slow-cooker. I added coriander (would skip this for the next time), garlic powder, parsley flakes and salt and pepper. Top with chicken breasts and pour the chicken broth over the mixture.

2. Cover and cook on the high setting for 4-5 hours.

3. About halfway through, take out the chicken and chop it up. Add some corn starch to the broth (I used roughly 1 tablespoon – I usually just eye it. I find corn starch easier than flour, as I rarely have flour on hand. Dessert baker, I am not!) Mix the chopped chicken in with the vegetables and continue cooking.

4. Bake the Pillsbury biscuits towards the end, as you want them nice and warm. I just used the pre-made biscuits rather than making my own to save some time! They take 11-15 minutes or so and viola! Easy, easy.

5. Cut the biscuit in half and then scoop out the chicken filling and top with the biscuit.


Finished product!


It was pretty good. I would omit the coriander as it was a little too strong for the filling. Otherwise, it didn’t take too long to make (the beauty of a slow-cooker) and the hubby ate it all! That is generally a good sign when trying something new. The biscuits were decent on top, but if you prefer something with more of a crust taste or a heavier breading, I would choose a different biscuit or make your own dumplings.


Rate This Recipe: 6/10


All words and images Copyright © 2012 Holly Adams and Ninja/Wifey/Mama/Me, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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