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Choosing to Have Children.. or not.

First, check out this article which is a view on choosing not to have children. It’s a great little read which has sparked some communication on the topic through various social media sites: http://thoughtcatalog.com/abby-rosmarin/2013/12/to-the-women-who-choose-not-to-have-kids/

I feel like I can relate on both ends of the spectrum. You do not need a child to be validated as a person. I had my ideals reversed a few years ago, it seems. I was always the one that never wanted children. I thought kids were weird. Not something that interested me. I only babysat my brother & sister when I was younger & that was enough for me. I wanted a ton of animals & that would have made me happy. I wanted to travel the world. Then everything changed & my outlook changed.. in the opposite direction. I never thought I would make a good Mother. Now? Now I realize I am a kick-ass Mother & I adore my daughter more than anything. It IS tough though. Some days I wonder if I am the biggest screw up. Other days I think I’ve got a handle on parenting.

Since the man & I were together for so long before having a baby, we heard every comment imaginable. It got extremely frustrating. People will say anything, without realizing the back-story. You never know everything that is going on. Nor should you. I had so many rude comments made when I would say I didn’t think I wanted children. Hell, even when I was pregnant with my daughter I was getting comments about when we would start on another one! Seriously. 

The people that choose to have children for the wrong reasons are the ones that mess up their kids in the end. 

There are amazing people that chose not to have children that have wonderful, fulfilled lives. Whether you want a baseball team full of kids, just one child or no children — that is okay. It is the right thing. Whichever you choose.


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Tunes Tuesday~

Live, that’s all you can
It’s all you can
It’s all you can.. do

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